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Writing sex scenes

For anyone who reads my stories, you know that most include at least one sex scene, mostly between men. If the characters are having sex for the first time together, I may describe the preparation a bit, but I won't get into details during other scenes because, to me, it's a given. I'm just curious how other readers feel about this. I'm honestly interested in other people's perspectives. Would readers expect the same descriptions with a heterosexual couple?

My scenes can be explicit (in my opinion), yet some readers don't find I'm descriptive enough. Maybe this isn't the right venue to discuss this. I'm just genuinely curious as to what people expect. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and sees things differently, but I'm trying to understand various perspectives. When I read a story, I become annoyed sometimes when the writer goes into the physical descriptions of genitals. Yes, I know what a c**ck looks like.

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