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A note about the second edition of A Not So Typical Love

I wish there was a way to respond to an Amazon reviewer (without sounding like a whiner who can’t take criticism). A recent reviewer complained about me re-publishing my book, A Not So Typical Love, as a new book just because it has a new ending. I wish I could tell that reviewer that I contacted Amazon beforehand and they informed me that since there were so many edits (I cut it down from 89,000 words to 65,000 with a new ending) that I should publish it as a new book.

Someone on Goodreads also left me the same negative review as the first edition, which didn’t even pertain to the second one because I made so many changes (using some of that reviewer’s criticism to make improvements). I wish people would read before giving negative reviews. That’s my only gripe. Generally, I appreciate all reviews (even negative ones) because they only make me a better writer.

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