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Release Date: February 7, 2023

Elvis Marchand and Elie Reznik have their own sets of demons. To Elvis, his demons are real. To Elie, his demons come in the forms of fear, cowardice, self-doubt, and something else indescribable. 


Is Elie as insane as Elvis? 


Back in the early 1990s, Elvis was an up and coming hockey star until his career-ending concussion. In 1998, Elvis embarked on an artistic journey that sends him all over the world. 


Fear, in the disguise of a track scholarship, sends Elie to California, and he never returns to his home state of Massachusetts. 


Within a decade, Elvis finds fame, fortune, and unforgettable friendships he never thought imaginable. But, despite everything, he would gladly give up everything for two things: the only man he's truly ever loved and sanity.

Deep down, Elie is full of turmoil, fear, and self-doubt, letting the man he's only ever truly loved slip away.

Sequel to Elie’s Aura and Book 2 in the Defeating the Ghosts series.

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