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Why writing is better than psychotherapy…

...that’s not to say it’s better for everybody, but it’s better for me.

As someone who has struggled with mental illness since I was a teenager, I’ve had my share of psychotherapists over the years. However, nothing has worked quite as well as writing, except, of course, during those times I was so depressed I couldn’t write at all (that usually tells me that something is really wrong and a medication adjustment might be needed).

There is a bit of me in most of my major characters. When I finish a story, I hate to say goodbye. Sometimes I even cry.

I’ve heard the expression “write what you know.” Well, I know a thing or two about mental illness, and I like to think readers will gain some insight into the mind of someone with mental illness. Every day is a struggle, but I’m still here and continue to write. My mind is always going, which has its pros and cons.

While I have not formerly published any novels where the character has a major mental illness, I have written several stories that readers can find on Wattpad.

I always say writing is what gets me through the day. If I couldn’t write, I don’t know what I’d do. It’s my way of coping, of surviving. It’s what keeps me going.

There are many faces of mental illness and I strive to alleviate the stigma and quell the stereotypes.

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